Shilpreneurship is a novel outreach programme that aims to provide school students with a firsthand experience of entrepreneurship. It is a student led initiative where in all the students are allowed to put their learning to practical use, it allows students to observe and understand the process of production, formulate sales strategies, discuss marketing techniques, accounting, give in presentations, and master all other aspects of an actual company, have been included under this initiative. They are expected to express their creative and innovative self through various ventures which are planned and conducted throughout the academic year.

It works as a student led company providing job shadowing opportunities, internships and any other form of practical experience. As when applying to Universitities abroad this is one of the main criteria for selection. The students are given products which include manure obtained by the vermicomposting process, the products which are prepared out of the recycled paper in school and also the products displayed for sale at the annual art exhibition. This opportunity is allowing the them to apply the concepts that they are learning in the subjects of Commerce and Business Studies and evaluate the consequences thereby. The initiative is aimed at preparing our children for the competitive world outside our walls by giving them an opportunity to carryout in-depth research into various concepts, which will help in strengthening their understanding of the subjects and also hone their presentation skills in an exciting manner!! .

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