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The process of globalization and evolutionary trend impacting us in the last 15 years has made us witness, as compared to the flat life, say 150 years or so, influenced VSA to change its philosophy, approach and methodology, from the traditional system of education which hails from probably the British Raj objective and convenience .This change primarily took into account the fact that each human being is a unique individual with his or her unique faculties embedded at different levels.

The learning process therefore needed a new design where the child could work with its loud faculties in collaboration, get acknowledgement to what appealed him the most and develop into other areas through resourceful class environment with real life relevance and application through a unique technology. Thus the child invents knowledge continuously at his behest without demands and commands, unlike the current system.

The model also strategically designed to continuously evolve the teaching faculties working in collaborations and through huge resource support of teams of some 10 internet searches and having authored learning materials close to 6500 topics so far.

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Throwball Interschool Competition on 27th November at VSA

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